Material Design Lab consists of The Box, The Lab and The Library. The Box is a walk-in expandable box that contains an exhibition of raw materials. It is the starting point to a basic understanding of the ‘raw ingredients’ before they are processed and mixed. A place where it is possible to study the fibre before it is spun, learn about the steps from crude oil to plastic granulate and compare an oak log with a plank of pine.

BOXThe Lab itself is the heart of Material Design Lab and resembles a hybrid between a design prototyping workshop, a scientific laboratory and an industrial kitchen. It is a space designed for materials to be tested, manipulated, refined and potentially, for new ones to be created. The library is the Material ConneXion Copenhagen collection containing 1500 material samples, as well as access to the online database providing detailed information on over 7500 materials. The library also holds a wide range of books on materials relating to design and architecture.



At KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology a large part of the education is focused on designing the physical world. Our students will be the future professionals tasked with creating our buildings, our products, our clothes and jewellery etc. The material can, to a great extent, be seen as the DNA of a product. It is what defines both the tactile and technical properties, and therefore largely determines the production method and the environmental impact. Qualities such as innovation and sustainability are not additives that can be injected by a technician into a product at the last minute, so if it is not originally designed to be sustainable, it most likely never will be. Therefore, it is essential for our students to understand production and sustainability in order for them to understand materials.



The Material Design Lab provides the facilities for hands-on material teaching. The installations are designed to experience and explore materials both technically and artistically. Our ambition is to create and share knowledge, not data. We believe the key to innovation lies in cross-disciplinary collaborations and therefore we make an effort to work with a variety of professionals from both research and industry.


The Material Design Lab is part of KEA – Copenhagen School of Design & Technology.